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Anonymous asked:

The fact that hussie said no kids are black makes me Headcanon more kids and trolls(as humans) black like fuck you hussie I do what I want get your racist shit out of my face


my Jane is black and by extent my john and my jade are half black

and my humanstuck leijons and peixes are as well (the leijons are African decent, the peixes Jamaican)

suck a bulge andy



I’m sick of seeing super-slimmed-down fan art of Ursula the Sea Witch. The cool thing about Ursula is that she has the power to shape-shift however she wants, AND SHE PICKED THE SHAPE SHE HAS FOR HER DEFAULT FORM. She is vain and self-absorbed and obsessed with her appearance. If she wanted to look like ‘Vanessa’ all the time in private, she totally could, but she doesn’t want to. 

also people who say Ursula was jealous of Ariel need to stfu


fun fact: if you’re neurotypical or don’t have specific illnesses, you can’t say jokes or phrases like these:

  • I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it
  • All my friends and I are crazy
  • I don’t have ADHD, I just—ooh a butterfly!
  • I’m a high-functioning sociopath
  • The voices are telling me to _____

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stillhyphy asked: seriously think being obese is healthy? and no health issues are connected with being obese? Let me get my popcorn.. I wanna hear this explanation






Get your popcorn then go to google and find it for you damn self. The information is out there. There are “obese” Olympians but you wouldn’t know that because you refuse to accept that some people just are obese and healthy. 

I think people need to check THEIR definition of healthy; because I think they are getting it confused with THEIR definition of aesthetically pleasing. Average blood pressure, average heart function, average lung capacity, average blood sugar, average and below cholesterol… all of these things are attainable for obese people as well as smaller/skinny people. High blood pressure, below normal heart function, poor lung capacity, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol are all VERY MUCH SO things that smaller/skinny people can have.

So, as most folks on Tumblr are not registered physicians (myself included) and have never met/tested the subjects of their ridicule, automatically assuming that a skinny person is healthy and that an obese person is unhealthy an admittance to idiocy at best and dangerous at worst.

But whatevs. I’ll just be over here… minding my own business and worried only about my own health, not complete strangers.


stillhyphy needs to sit his ass down

How to like problematic things


  • know they’re problematic
  • know why they’re problematic
  • don’t dismiss people’s feelings/dissatisfaction with them
  • don’t silence people when they’re talking about the problems in your media, because your enjoyment is not more important than that discussion. 

Congratulations, you’ve reached the minimum level of decency for being a person who enjoys things that might be problematic. 

I will not be handing you a cookie. 

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